Are you amused by my antique lunch box set?  Really vintage stuff huh?  Hehe.

Fast forward 25 years later, this is the current lunch box that I have been recently using.

It is an improvised type of tiffin carrier which can keep the food warm.  There are three individual food containers in the set, great for a staple (rice/ noodles) and 2 dishes (meat/ vegetables) or even soup.

To transport it, just stack up the three containers, clasp the handles together and they will be secured in place.  It is very easy to carry around and best of all, the surface is not hot as the exterior is insulated by plastic.

Sometimes, I also use it as a dinner box for Hubby if he comes back late for dinner as the food can be kept warm for about four to five hours.

A tip to share about using food thermos containers:  Fill the thermos with some hot water before you use it.  Pour the water away just before putting the food in and it will stay warmer for a longer time.

I do use microwaveable food containers at times too, but this lunch box does without the need to heat the food up as long as it is consumed in a short time.

Sometimes I feel so lazy and hungry that the thought of opening up these boxes and being able to start eating immediately is just bliss!  Haha.

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3 Responses to “My Current Lunch Box”

  1. Hi! May I know the brand of your lunch box?
    I wish to get one too.

  2. Hi Jamie,

    I don’t remember the brand anymore, but I got it from OG Orchard Point. Maybe you can try looking for it there. :)


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