It’s less than 10 days away now.  Chinese New Year is approaching really fast on 26th January and I have been exceptionally busy!

I am trying to keep up with the spring-cleaning.  And I have so far completed only 10% of it.  Haha.

I am trying to keep up with the cooking.  But who feels like cooking when my body “screams” of resting after all that spring-cleaning?

I am trying to keep up with the posts for this blog.  But I may run out of photos to share if I stop cooking for a while.

Hmm.  I wished I was a super woman!  But I don’t have 48 hours to spare, so I can only make the best out of what I have.  LOL.

Sorry, I would like to apologise first  if you see me lesser next week as I try to juggle my work.

Actually I still have two recipes pending and I hope to share them with you really soon.

Catch ya!

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