Oh no.  I think I gained a few pounds over the weekend.  As I am sitting down to type now, I can feel those extra flab at the waist.  LOL.

You know why?  I have been eating non-stop for the past three days.

On Friday, we had a buffet dinner at our holiday chalet.  I think it was 8 courses, including drinks.

On Saturday, we had a BBQ feast at the chalet too.  We had crabs, satay, kebabs, fish, sotong, prawns, sausages, etc.  BURP…Can you imagine how much I ate?  Haha.

On Sunday, my cousin hosted a buffet lunch at her house.  Another 8 course meal to stomach.

I think it’s time I detox a bit this week.  Perhaps I will think of some light meals to make.  But before that, I have a prawn recipe to share.  It’s really late now though, maybe tomorrow!

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2 Responses to “A Few More Pounds”

  1. Hello there! Thanks for accepting my invite on Foodbuzz… Cool site… i’ll be dropping by a lot to get some “lunch” ideas!

  2. Hi Bean…

    Thanks for visiting. Welcome back anytime! :)

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