It’s been quite a while since I last posted a recipe and I am soooo sorry my friends…

Well, I hope to make it up with this interesting recipe today.  It is really simple and there is no baking involved for these cakes!  No oven, no-preheating, only steaming required and I bet you should have all the ingredients already in your well-stocked kitchen.  LOL.

Ingredients (Makes about 20 small cupcakes):

  • 4 eggs
  • 160 g sugar
  • 175 ml soda
  • 200 g plain flour

Yes, that’s all the ingredients needed.  For soda, you can get ice-cream soda or 7-up.  If you wish to add a citrus taste, Fanta orange would be great.  I used Kickapoo, a local lime-flavored soda drink which taste somehow like Mountain Dew, for the fun of it.  Maybe next time I might try making them with sparkling Ribena for a grapey taste, or even Coca-Cola?  Haha.  As long as it is a sweet carbonated drink, I think it will still work the same.

Hey, doesn’t this sound fun already before we even start?  Get your kids to help in the measurements and blending.  I bet they will love it!


Step 1:   Crack all the eggs and put the sugar in a large mixing bowl.

Step 2:  If you are using a mixer, blend the mixture till it turns frothy and cream in color.  I used a whisk instead to beat the eggs and sugar manually.  It took me about 20 minutes.  Just a rough guide in case you do it by hand too.

Step 3:  Add your preferred soda to the mixture and mix well. Lastly, add in the flour bit by bit and mix well too.

Step 4:  Lay muffin paper cups on a muffin tray or in my case, I used individual muffin tins.  Fill the cup each to its brim with the mixture.

Step 5:  Heat up a steamer.  Place these cups to steam for about 6-7 minutes.

Step 6:  To check if the cup cakes are ready, prick one with a toothpick.  If the toothpick comes out not sticky, the cup cakes are cooked and ready to be eaten.

Step 7:  Place each cup cake aside to cool.  Repeat Step 3 again until mixture runs out.

Well, I hope this steamed cup cake recipe gives you another light meal idea of what you can pack for your kid’s lunch box.  Top it up with some cheese & ham or steamed vegetables for a balanced and healthy meal.

You can also pack these as an afternoon snack for Hubby or make them for picnic meals.

Hope you like it!  :)

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15 Responses to “Lunchbox Recipe #20: Steamed Egg Soda Cup Cakes”

  1. This is a cool idea… I assume you add the fizzy drink after beating the egg and sugar mixture and before spooning them into cups? 😉 I think you missed that bit out.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Yes, yes lynne, I think I missed that step out!! Haha. Thanks a lot for reminding me. LOL :)

    I have added it to the post with step 3 now. Hope you like the cake. Cool huh?

  3. Hi, So when did you add the 200 g plain flour ???

  4. Sorry, definitely at step 3 my dear! :)

  5. What a clever idea. I had no idea you could steam cakes…My oven has been dead for some time and I miss a treat in the lunch box…this’ll be a real saver whilst I’m waiting for my replacement. Thanks for this. :o)

  6. Hey doxie, yup, now you can have your cake and eat it too! LOL…and steaming is healthier too. Have fun! :)

  7. Hi, I just tried this out! You must be good at whisking, it took me half an hour before I could even cover the surface with bubbles; then I gave up and added the sprite and flour in :)

    Unfortunately the mould I have is for muffins so I had to steam it for more than 10 mins and the inside still wasn’t cooked!

    But its okay, I’ve never baked before and I’m looking forward to the next try with some improvisations! 😀

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    My all along unenthusiastic mum is also getting excited and offered to help me wash up the electric mixer the next time I bake. :D!

  8. Hey Jerina,

    If you find it too much work to whisk by hand, use a mixer! :)

    The more bubbles the mixture has, the “lighter” the cake will end up to be.

    Before you take them out from the steamer, randomly prick one or two with a toothpick. If it is not sticky at the end, it is ready. If it is still sticky, steam it for another 2-3 minutes and test again.

    Glad you like the recipe, hope you have better results the next time! Hehe :)

  9. Yup they taste pretty awesome except that I didn’t whisk enough so they were quite heavy~ I’ll try again next time! 😀

    Thanks for the great advice and for visiting my blog! 😉

  10. Hi Angie,
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  11. Hi, my 2nd attempt at the steamed cup cakes turned out quite well this afternoon. However, I need you to help me with these questions. Thanks a million!

    I only managed to make 12 cakes instead of 20. I used 2 6-hole muffin trays and each hole is lined with cake cups and filled to the brim

    The cakes smelled very strongly of eggs to a point of being fishy (I understand its egg cup cakes….)

    The mixture was also a little heavy. I whisked by hand for exactly 20 minutes with very short intervals. Am I supposed to whisk non stop and only in 1 direction?

    What will happen if I were to whisk for more than 20 mins say 30 to 35 mins? Will the mixture sink in the process of steaming or after removing from the steamer?

    It took me about 20 to 25 mins to steam them. What’s wrong and what will happen if they are steamed for more than 30 mins?

    Thank you for your patience with me – I know I have asked a lof of questions. But would like to master this recipe and I can make for my daughter and her classmates in the kindergarten. Perfect for snack as they are soft, light and sweet.

    Thanks and appreciate your response!

  12. Sorry missed out 1 point. My cup cakes also did not have the “spill over” look as in your pictures but I did fill them up to the brim. Kindly advise. Thanks again!

  13. Hi Ai Li,

    I think you ended up with 12 cupcakes because you used a muffin pan and the size of each cupcake is bigger. You can adjust the proportions of the ingredients to make more.

    It should be ok to whisk longer as the purpose of whisking is to introduce more air bubbles into the mixture so that the cupcakes will rise better (and hence have a nice spill over effect).

    No hard and fast rules about how long to steam as long as you test that the cupcakes are cooked with a toothpick before removing them.

    Good luck with your next batch of cupcakes! :)

  14. Thank you Angie, for your prompt response! So next time I will whisk longer. Also, the cup cakes I made yesterday were heavy at the bottom – like a thin layer of nian gao; chewy and springy. All the other parts of the cake are alright. Can you advise me what did I do wrong? I kept opening the lid of the pan to check if the cakes are cooked. Could this have contributed to it if not then what could it be? Thanks a million again!


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