I finally upgraded this blog to the latest WordPress version and I can’t believe how easy it was. LOL.

I had put this on hold for the longest time, thinking that it was going to be quite a hassle just like my other blogs (it was a nightmare when I upgraded them from WP 2.5 to WP 2.7). In actual fact, all it took was a couple of clicks and it’s done!

If you are still procrastinating like me, don’t worry about upgrading as long as you have at least WP 2.8 installed. I did it in a breeze and am glad that I have finally got rid of the yellow irritating reminder. Haha.

This is what you would probably see:

Step 1: Click the yellow reminder at the top of your dashboard.

Step 2:  Click Upgrade Automatically.  You can backup your database and files first beforehand as a good practice.  But I was too lazy to do so.  😛

Step 3:  In just a few seconds, it is done and you can now update your plugins too.

How much time did that take me?  ONE minute.

Yes, unbelievable huh?  I love WP 2.8!

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